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La Fortuna de San Carlos it´s blessed with natural wonders, the Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna Waterfall, the rivers, rainforests, lakes, canyons and hotsprings make this place a must to do as you are traveling in Costa Rica.


Arenal is Costa Rica’s best-known volcano, is located in La Fortuna town and it´s a symmetrical volcano that’s built upon layers of ash, rock and lava.  Arenal began erupting in 1968, when it exploded and buried over 5 mi² (15 km²) in rocks, lava and ash. That eruptive cycle took pause in 2010 when the volcano entered into an indefinite resting phrase.  Hiking tours to the Arenl Volcano trails are available. 


La Foruna Waterfall - very close from La Fortuna town you can find this incredible waterfall! 70 meters fall that ends into a blu pool where you can swim and enjoy the rainforest. 


The Arenal area is ment to be expirienced, explored and enjoyed!


Activities on this area: Whitewater rafting, canopy, canyoning, horseback riding, kayaking on the lake, aerial tram, hot springs,  Venado caves (spelunking), Cano Negro wildlife refuge, ATV´s, mountain biking, hiking tours.




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